StingrayStag 5 plusPersonTHT

StingrayStag 5 plus Person Hot Tub Starting at $450.00

    • Actual Size: 8' x7.5"
    • Setup Area: 8' x 17'
    • Outlets: 1

    • Please call or email to reserve this item.

                                                              Nice Tub for 5 adults, really 5 adults 

Tubby’s continues as we have since 1982 to be the Industry Leader
in the Portable Hot Tub Rental market in Calgary.
Yes 1982.
We are pleased to announce we have added
A new version of Portable Hot Tubs to our inventory.
2 Circuit Electric Plug & Play Hot Tubs


2 Circuit Plug & Play Hot Tubs.

 Requires 2 separate 120 Volt 15 amp circuits

340 Imperial Gallons / 1550 Litre.

As a stand-alone Electrically heated tub, they take 1-1.5 days to heat.

However Tubby's Offers  

     Heat on Fill Option.

 This enables for Tub to be used on the day of delivery.

As in when it is full.


The difference between this line of plug & play Hot Tubs

& other Single circuit hot tubs

                                           is the requirement for 2 x 120-volt circuits instead of 1.

With 2 circuit Hot Tubs, One circuit is for the heater and one circuit for the pump.

                This allows the heater to be on when the jets are on high

                                              This is a key difference from our RotoSpas

                            which require only 1 x 120 volt circuit. 

                       Our Softubs also are a Single circuit Hot Tub

                   A 2 circuit Hot Tub will maintain better Temperatures.

               As the Heater is able to run while the jets are on high.

               So you can enjoy a HOT Tub, Not a warm bath with friends. 




  CHEMICALS Included with your rental;

Test kit for both chlorine levels and ph

Floating chlorinator c/w additional mini chlorine tabs.

Because proper levels of Chlorine along with correct ph levels help ensure a clean tub 

ph up & down

Spa fragrances



                                                             The video below is not this tub, but of our smaller Family HYBRiD, Ton Of Jets


These tubs are intended to be for a longer rental period,as opposed to a single day.

                                                                  Single-day rentals may be available, However the best value is for longer term rentals

                                                                                                If you would like a quote on this tub, send your location,                                                                                                                                                                                     i.e. neighborhood, Dates required, duration of the rental,                                                                                                                                                                                  and describe or include pictures of the location for the tub and                                                                                             the access pathway into the location from the street or back alley


We offer 2 styles of Hot Tubs.

Portable Back Yard Hot Tubs and Trailer mounted Hot Tubs.


In addition to our rigorous cleaning process for our hot tubs, we have added to the process additional steps due to COVID 19.

Specifically, Disinfectant certified by Health Canada for COVID 19.

The disinfectant we use is manufacture by Chemfax right here in Calgary.

We carry 2 million CAD Commercial General Liability insurance and Legally required WCB coverage.

From you, we require electricity for the pump/jets 110 volt 15 amp circuit and water to fill the tub.


CHEMICALS Included with your rental;

Chlorine Test Kit, To test and ensure the proper levels of sanitation are present unless you don’t care about what you are sitting in.

QUICK CLEAR, This super highly concentrated clarifier adds brilliance back to spa water and helps your filter to remove suspended particles.

SPA PERFECT,  SMARTZyme™ technology reduces unwanted non-living organic contaminants such as body oils, cosmetics, suntan lotions, hair products and so much more! No more waterline rings, cloudy water, or unpleasant odors.

inSPAration spa Fragrances; Add a capful or two to the water, think or aromatherapy.


They come off the trailer delivered into the yard/location



 As well as underwater LED lighting which can also be controlled via remote. 

There is a 3% admin for CC payment.

Other payment options are available; pay by cash or etransfer, however, a CC required for deposit.GST is in addition to all rates quoted.

Email for a custom quote for your event.                 

Ideal for backyards, these tubs are quite portable.

Due to their larger size, these tubs need to be turned on their side for delivery, so access points are required to be of certain dimensions.

This tub requires an access point of at least 3’ or 90 cm in width and a pathway of at least the same width.

Overhead access must be at least 88” or 2.2 meters.

The 8-9-person tub needs an identical width in terms of access but requires overhead access of 10’ or 3 meters.

To be set in place for normal operation, there must be sufficient space in the yard.

Incredible Spring & Summer Prices!!
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