As you can imagine, my usual day is fairly physical with the delivery and set up the wide range of equipment we have for various events.
This means my workday consists of lots of walking, climbing stairs, crouching, and lifting.
However, with Covid-19, like many, I became more sedentary.
I found myself experiencing more joints stiffness, muscle aches and less energy.
In the past I had used glucosamine and other over the counter anti inflammatory meds.
None of which really seemed to provide much relief.
In August I realized I had to get back on track and start taking better care of 58-year-old self.
In October, after consulting with my friend Jody for assistance with my health support, I began taking Usana Supplements.
Usana has been around for 25 years, is a publicly traded company and is the gold standard in supplement companies.
This means what it says on the label is exactly what is in the bottle.
The supplements selected for me included the Vita-antioxidant and Core Minerals (this is the Usana multivitamin that is formulated to nourish, protect and renew optimal cellular health); Hepa Plus (supports the liver in detoxing your body and supports its natural protective processes);
Procosa (joint support; influences the signalling pathways that proactively promotes an optimal immune and inflammatory response to osteoarthritis);
Proflavanol C200 (anti-inflammatory, gives your body advanced antioxidant protection to support a balance immune system),
BiOmega (supports sound cardiovascular and
cognitive health and brain function) and Vitamin D.
Within about 8-10 days, I noticed that the amount of stiffness and aches in my joints was becoming less severe.
In addition to being less stiff and fewer aches,
I felt less fatigued and move invigorated throughout the day.
In mid January, I stopped taking the supplements to see if they were, in fact, having any effect or it was just coincidence .
After about 2 weeks of not taking the supplements, I noticed that my body felt much stiffer, I had more aches and didn't feel as energized.
I started the regime again and found that I was feeling better over all and with less stiffness. Invest in your health; you're worth it!
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