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Safety & Fun Go Together at Tubby's Party Rentals

Important Information
Policies Terms & Conditions
Safety & Fun Go Together at Tubby's Party Rentals

Any Booking that is at a NON RESIDENTIAL location is only open to Members and Invited Guest.
A sign in Station using a waiver may be required.
No Political figure, or famous person may use a dunk tank supplied by Tubby's

We have order minimums. They vary based on certain dates or times of the year. Other than the dates/ time of year listed. Our order minimum is $ 125.00.for rental items. Except as noted. Neighbor Day $ 450.00, Canada Day $600.00. During Stampede; Parade Day, 1st & 2nd Saturdays, Last Friday $ 1500.00. All other days it is $850.00. December Bookings $750.00 Order minimums apply to rental items, not fees, supplies, delivery or Labour charges This does not mean that your order must meet the order minimum in order for it to be processed, only that a surcharge may be applied.

The customer is responsible for the safety and security of the equipment from the time of drop-off until the equipment is returned or picked up by Tubby's. The person who is in charge of the event and the person(s) supervising equipment (must be 18 ) must be present during the time of the delivery. In addition to any instruction sent electronically, Instructions and rules will be provided at this time on how to operate and use all the equipment properly. This affords a chance for the customer and attendants to ask questions. The customer must keep guests away from equipment until the setup is complete. It is up to the customer to ensure that proper power is supplied for all equipment requiring power and that the space is adequate for set up and take down which also includes the route of access for delivery drop off and pick up.

Equipment such as games, electronics, and many other items cannot be exposed to moisture
(i.e., rain, hail, snow) certain conditions apply, check with Tubby's. Each inflatable unit and, all fun food equipment requires a separate dedicated 15-amp, 110 volts properly grounded circuit, within certain distances. This must be determined ahead of our arrival, and your setup plan must be completed accordingly. Some items require a 20 amp circuit, these items will be identified to you. Cord Covers may be required at your location, due to pedestrian traffic or vehicle traffic. If there is traffic present at the event it needs to be identified to Tubby's prior to loading of the order. We will NOT allow our cords to be driven over, and cords to our equipment must be of a specific minimum gauge. Cord Covers are available for booking, charges may apply.
Cord Covers may be required if pedestrian traffic is present.

Extension cords are provided by Tubby's. Inflatables must be within 100 ft. of a properly grounded 110volt, 15amp circuit receptacle. One per device. Fun Food equipment must be within 20ft. of a properly grounded 110volt, 15amp circuit receptacle. One per device.

Tubby's is NOT responsible for providing water to party rental items. Customers must organize their own water supply for equipment. Water must be provided for any equipment that requires it (i.e., Dunk Tanks, Waterslides, Hot Tubs, Balloon Burst). The water used must be potable,
(Fit for Human Consumption). If the hose on site is not long enough to reach Dunk Tank the customer may rent a hose reel from Tubby's. Heaters for the Dunk Tanks require a standard male threaded hose. If the water supply is coming from a water truck and the customer requested a heat on fill, a pump is required for this process which can be rented from Tubby's. Any other pumps used must be approved by Tubby's before the order is confirmed. Dunk tanks must be emptied on-site before delivery staff picks up items after the event or charges may apply. If delivery staff is obligated to wait to due late water truck, unprepared site location, lack of access in or out of the event, etc. charges will apply.


Non-grass surfaces for inflatables may require tarps/groundsheets and sandbags, additional charges may apply. The customer needs to confirm this at the time of booking. All inflatables need to be secured/anchored to the ground.

For locations where an inflatable is going to be anchored to the ground using stakes, the customer is responsible for ensuring that underground utilities have been located by professionals not more than 14 days prior to the event.

Please visit

Tubby's delivery staff will arrive within 1.5- 3.5 hours of the start time of your event. Taking into account the time required allowing adequate time for equipment to be set up. i.e. a large order requiring 4 hours of set up will necessitate an earlier delivery time to ensure the items are set up in time. In some cases, the delivery may be outside of these time frames to allow us to be efficient. The point of contact must ensure there is a person 18 available to accept delivery and sign the rental agreement accepting party rental items. Pick up of equipment will commence within 2 hours following the scheduled end time of your event. Additional charges may apply based on special drop-off/pick-up delivery requests outside of Tubby's policy for delivery procedures, certain conditions apply. Additional charges may apply.

Any parking fees, charges including tickets while conducting a delivery or pick will be added to the account. Unless parking arrangements have been made in advance

Early set ups or late pickups outside of seasonally adjusted hours, may be subject to additional charges. Seasonal adjustments are made to hours of operation. i.e. winter
Regular Delivery and pick up times are adjusted seasonally. Regular Pick up/ delivery times are 9:00 am -9:00pm,. May 15-Sept 1 Sept 2- May 14 are 10 am -5 pm For outdoor events the latest pick up time is 45 minutes prior to sunset. Sept 1 - May 15 regular hours are 10:00 AM-6:00 PM. Deliveries or Pick up outside these hours can be accommodated. There may be a charge for this.
All locations for equipment must be clean and free to facilitate delivery. Both indoors and outdoors. Tables, chairs, and desks. This also includes waste from animals, rocks, glass, garbage, vehicles, etc. If Tubby's staff is required to wait for the location site to be prepared there may be an additional wait time fee assessed or the delivery &/or entire order may be canceled as determined by Tubby's without refund.
An outdoor location must ensure that sprinklers systems are turned off, so items do not get wet

We delivery beyond the City of Calgary City and surrounding area. All orders may be subject to additional charges for Delivery & Labour.
All deliveries are based on a ground-level location that is easily accessible - Tubby's refers to this as a basic delivery. If your location is not ground level or is not easily accessible, arrangements must be made in advance and additional charges may apply. Failure to notify Tubby's of specific delivery requirements, as listed below, may result in the cancellation of your delivery without a refund.

For deliveries with loading docks, stairs or elevators, or anything more involved than a basic delivery- customers must confirm:
Loading dock location and size of loading dock
Freight elevator must be over 7 feet in length (back to front) or additional costs may be levied for large items (i.e., Top Shot, Mini Golf)
Both freight elevator and loading dock must be booked for the time of delivery and pickup, including the stated length of time by Tubby's required for pickup or delivery.
Deliveries to more than one floor may result in additional charges.
Parking Tubby's vehicle in the loading dock for the duration of delivery/pickup needs to be arranged prior to the event date so space is reserved and a route to set up location is clear for set up.

Additional charges (delivery fee) of the order may apply to downtown locations due to access, traffic, and other variables. Access to the location is taken into consideration when determining additional delivery fees in the following: locations with the changes of elevation, buildings with stairs or difficult access, locations that do not have an outside door that can be accessed by our delivery vehicles, and directly into the room for the event, deliveries with more than one room for setup. Conditions apply to all deliveries not considered a basic delivery.

The following examples and similar situations must be brought to the attention of Tubby's. Additional charges may apply to the order:
Sloped areas, rocky paths, small gates or doors that are not big enough for the equipment rented, residential backyards that do not have a rear back gate, lifting items over fences, locations with stairs, narrow access points, or other issues that may require additional time or personnel for the delivery crew. These fees will be identified & levied at the time of delivery if restricted access was not identified and agreed to prior to delivery. These issues include pick-up and any changes prior to the event. If the route of access varies from a basic delivery and is not pointed out to Tubby's prior to delivery, then the event may be canceled without refund or additional charges may apply for unforeseen issues regarding the delivery.

All items must be returned in the condition they were delivered. Specific instructions as to what is required will be given to you on delivery. Any additional cleaning required will result in cleaning charges. These charges will be applied solely at Tubby's discretion.

All damages are the responsibility of the customer, including damage caused by guests or strangers. Any use of the equipment for which it is not intended is strictly prohibited. Charges may apply if Tubby's equipment is returned damaged, unclean, or not in the suitable condition as to how it was originally delivered by Tubby's staff. Customers must ensure that no foreign objects, food, craft materials, etc. are used anywhere near an inflatable and that nothing lands on or touches this equipment or charges will apply.

50% of the order total required at the time of booking to secure the order.

Providing Credit Card information or making an etransfer for deposit or payment is acknowledging and consenting to the terms and conditions for refunds and payments due.
Cancellation of a single inflatable at a Residential Event is allowed prior to 14 days less a $ 35.00 fee for generating the order.

If a single inflatable for a residential party needs to be cancelled less than 14 days prior to the event, any deposit paid is offered as a credit.
Exceptions are cancellation due to weather/ enviromental reasons. Deposits / payments for the inflatable is returned Less $ 35.00 for generating the order
For Christmas / New Years Bookings:
A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking, Note terms & conditions below for cancellation.
On or Prior to December 1 2022, in addition to the deposit an additional 25% of the complete invoice amount is due. This becomes NON REFUNDABLE as per our Terms & Conditions.
The remaining balance of the invoice is required at the time of delivery.
Note: CHRISTMAS / NEW YEAR Hot Tub bookings, the DEPOSIT is NON-REFUNDABLE once made. Except as noted below.
However if a Christmas or New Years Hot Tub booking is canceled prior to DEC 1 2023. The deposit amount LESS a $ 250.00 cancellation Fee, may be used for future booking.
Any Cancellation made after Dec 1 2023, results in forfeiting, of the entire Deposit and any payment amount.
All other Hot Tub Booking Deposits are NON Refundable if canceled Less than 30 days prior to Scheduled delivery.

For Bookings during other times of the year.

Bookings over $350.00 may be canceled a minimum of 14 calendar days prior to the event and will receive a refund, less 25% of the full invoice amount.
Orders over $ 1000.00 may cancel a minimum of 45 calendar days prior to the event and receive a refund less 25% of the full invoice amount.
Cancellation after the respective minimum number of days will result in the loss of the entire deposit and any required payment.
Exceptions to the above rules are a bookings with Climbing walls, or for any event on Neighbor Day, Canada Day, and during Stampede.
Bookings for Climbing walls, or on Neighbor Day, Canada Day or during Stampede are subject to a minimum 90 calendar day cancelation for a refund of the deposit /require payment amount less 25% of the full invoice amount.
Cancellations made with less than 90 days for the Climbing Walls & Neighbor Day, Canada Day, and during Stampede will result in the loss of the entire deposit.

Any deletions, changes to your order less than 14 days prior to the delivery date may result in the loss of the dollar amount of the deposit of that item, solely at the discretion of Tubby's. Except as Noted for Neighbor Day, Canada Day, all of Stampede, Bookings with Climbing walls. Any deletions or changes made less than 90 days prior to the delivery date may result in forfeiture/loss of the applicable amount of the deposit.

Changes or deletions to order may affect any Discount / Promo offered.

Payment Via EFT is required in full 3 business, prior to your event.All other forms of Payment are Due at time of Delivery.

Cancellation less than 14 days prior to the event, except for weather / environmental reasons renders the full amount non-refundable. Any items deleted from an order within 14 days will result in forfeiting the corresponding portion of the full amount of that item. *credit may be applied to non-refundable cancellations.

Credit card information will be held on file until the account is cleared.

*CREDIT towards a non-refundable order canceled, altered for reasons other than weather/ environmental reasons may be used towards other services/another date, provided that date/equipment is available. Credit must be used within 60 days from the date of cancellation unless an extension is agreed to by Tubby's in which certain conditions apply.

In the event a credit or rain check is issued. It can not be used / redeemed on Canada Day, Neighbor Day, or during Stampede.
Any booking made with a Credit/ Rain Check is NON REFUNDABLE. Please ensure that you are certain of the dates and equipment that you are booking.

WEATHER CANCELLATION: Up to the day of the event.
For this part of terms and conditions Dispatched; means the logistics of preparing the order to be delivered. IN the event weather conditions or environmental concerns are unsettled PRIOR to starting to prepare the order, TUBBY'S will consult with you regards the unsettled conditions.
i.e. Staff scheduled, Larger orders may be prepared 1-3 days in advance. An order with a single item may be prepared the day before or the day of.
We will contact you prior to your event when conditions are uncertain, to be part of the process. By involving you in the process we have input from you regards your thoughts and concerns.

In cases of rain, snow, high winds, or low temperatures (lower than 5 Celsius), we may not be able to set up inflatables and certain other types of equipment. If you have scheduled an outdoor event, please make sure that you have a backup plan for your party.
For orders of a single inflatable, any cancellation due to weather prior to the order being dispatched will result in a refund less $25.00.
If the order has been dispatched, the deposit or any payment made is held in the form of a rain check for 6 months.
Cancellation at the location will result in forfeiture of the Deposit amount (50% of the order) The balance of any payment made will be offered in the form of a rain check valid for 6 months.
For orders with multiple items Cancellations due to weather or environmental conditions, i.e. smoke, floods, construction, made prior to the order being dispatched
( prepared for Delivery). This deposit and any payment made will be available to use as a credit within one year from the date of cancellation.

Once the order has been dispatched, we have less ability to work with you on a form of refund or rain check. Once the equipment has been set up there will be no refunds issued and full payment becomes due.
In the event of winds that exceed the dafety limits during the rental period, you agree to turn off,the blower. In the event of rain, exit the player s from the game, Leave the inflatable up, so as to minimize the amount of rain collected in it. You may start it up again and dry off the bouncer surface and make sure the cover is off the blower unit before you start it.

In the cases of events that occur during Neighbor Day, Canada Day, Stampede, 100% of deposits /required payments due are NON REFUNDABLE. For dates other than Canada Day, Neighbor Day or during Stampede that are either cancelled or modified due to weather, Environment or other reason/s beyond the control of the involved parties (Tubby's & Customer) 50% of the invoice amount or amount attributed to that item is forfeited/ NON REFUNDEBABLE Any remaining balance of the any payment over the 50% of the original invoice amount paid or for the effect items made may be used toward a future order of equal value of the original invoice or the Regular rate for the impacted item This credit must be used within 12 months Subject to availibility.

Each occurrence of an event being canceled altered may be subject to these policies.

Updated on April 21 2023

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